Design Session


Your athletes and students are going to be the ones wearing the t-shirts and other apparel, why not let them have a say in what they look like. They will take more pride in their design and in turn, push for more sales, which means more money for the team or organization. Plus… we all like to wear cool stuff!

So… how does this all work?

  1. Your place or mine?
    We decide where and when to meet. My store is located in Seasons on the Avenue in downtown Warren or we can meet at your high school classroom, gym, etc.
  2. Tell your students/athletes to bring their ideas. Sketches, screenshots on their phone, scribbles on a napkin, whatever goes… bring it!
  3. We will brainstorm and come up with some ideas.
  4. We will narrow them down until we pick the best one.
  5. Then we make the ideas come to life!

From there, you will receive forms to SELL, SELL, SELL. You also have the option of having an online store.


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